10 Engineering Blogs to Explore System Design Concepts

10 Engineering Blogs to Explore System Design Concepts

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of system design and architecture? Dive into the world of engineering blogs! Here are 10 engineering blogs that I'm reading to study system design over the weekend. Each of these blogs offers valuable insights, case studies, and best practices from industry-leading tech companies:

1. Stripe Engineering Blog

Explore the Stripe Engineering Blog to learn about the technical challenges and solutions behind building a global payment infrastructure.

2. Discord Engineering Blog

Discover how Discord's engineering team tackles scalability, reliability, and performance challenges in their real-time communication platform.

3. Meta Engineering Blog

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta's engineering blog provides deep dives into the technologies powering their social media platforms and beyond.

4. AWS Architecture Blog

Learn about best practices, architectural patterns, and case studies for building scalable and resilient systems on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

5. Netflix Tech Blog

Delve into the engineering innovations behind Netflix's streaming platform, including insights into content delivery, recommendation systems, and more.

6. Uber Engineering Blog

Explore the technical challenges and innovations driving Uber's ride-sharing, food delivery, and logistics platforms.

7. Twitter Engineering Blog

Gain insights into the engineering behind Twitter's real-time social networking platform, including topics like scalability, reliability, and data processing.

8. Dropbox Engineering Blog

Learn about the systems and infrastructure that power Dropbox's file storage, sharing, and collaboration services.

9. Spotify Engineering Blog

Discover how Spotify's engineering team builds and scales the world's leading audio streaming platform, from backend systems to client applications.

10. GitHub Engineering Blog

Explore the technical challenges and solutions behind GitHub's code collaboration and version control platform, including insights into scaling Git infrastructure and building developer tools.


These engineering blogs offer a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of system design and architecture. Whether you're a software engineer, architect, or simply curious about how tech giants tackle complex technical challenges, these blogs provide valuable resources to deepen your understanding and inspire your own engineering endeavors.

Happy reading and learning!

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